Indoor Meetings Programme - Spring 2017


Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Great Meeting Rooms, Unitarian Chapel, East Bond Street, Leicester.  Directions by road can be provided on request.  Parking is available from 7.00pm in the courtyard to the right of the Chapel entrance.  For non-drivers the chapel is located only a few hundred yards from St Margarets Bus Station.  Meetings start promptly at 7.30pm – doors are open at 7.00pm when tea and coffee will be available.      

Visitors to our meetings are very welcome - there is a visitors’ fee of £1.




Thursday 23rd March 2017 -

37th Annual General Meeting



The AGM will present the Accounts for 2016 and elect the committee members for the following twelve months. Any resignations and proposals for new members should be notified well in advance of the date of the meeting.


The meeting will be followed by a photographic quiz prresented by Rob Joyce.

Thursday 27th April 2017 -


The Black to Green Project &

Collecting and Preserving Fungi



This is a National Forest project, supported by Lottery funding and covers a ten square-mile area around Moira in N.W. Leicestershire, where efforts are being made to restore former mining areas to create new woodlands and nature reserves. The project will be outlined during the meeting.

Followed by:

The three reasons for collecting fungi are a, for identification, b, for the cooking pot and c, for a herbarium. Discussion will be made on how methods differ for collecting, storing and preserving fungi depending on the end use.

Thursday 25th May 2017 - 
Lichens in Leics. & Rutland over the past 200 years
An introductory talk on the recent completed check list of lichens recorded in Leicestershire & Rutland. It will show how our local lichen flora has changed dramatically over this period.